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EIC Program Scheduling Request

We appreciate your interest in scheduling an educational program at the University of Michigan - Dearborn Environmental Interpretive Center (EIC) for your group. Please let us know what program you would like to attend and when by filling out and submitting the program request form linked below. You will receive a notification whether we were able to schedule your program on the date and time you requested. For any questions, please email

We offer the following Pre-K-12 School Programs that run 1 ½ hours. For detailed information about any of these programs including appropriate grade levels, seasons offered, etc., please click on the name of the program.

Grades 2 - 8:

Grades 9 - 12:
(Note: This program is 2 hours long.)

We also have a limited number of Topic Combinations that can run back-to-back, over the course of 3 ½ to 4 hours (including a half hour lunch break) for a maximum of 70 students in one day. For topic combinations, one group would attend one program in the morning, while the other group starts with the other topic. After the lunch break, the groups would switch. All topic combinations involve a Pond Explorations program PLUS one of the following programs:

Grades Pre-K - 8:

Grades 2 - 8:

If you wish to request a single program, please use the Single Program action button. If you wish to request topic combinations, please use the Topic Combinations button.